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Questions & Answers

1 Is a secure strap available that prevents the wearer from removing the GeoSKeeper themselves?

Yes. A secure clasp can be purchased that replaces the existing clasp.

2 Can I obtain the GeoSKeeper in a colour other than black?

Yes and no. Currently GeoSKeeper is available in black. We are planning to release other colours including a pastel blue and pastel pink. Tell us what colour you would you like via our website feedback form or send an email to feedback@eletec.co.nz or feedback@eletec.com.au

3 Can a person be tracked indoors using the GeoSKeeper?

4 How long does the battery last?

Over 24 hours in general use. If the battery charge is low, the GeoSKeeper automatically sends a message to our monitoring centre and designated carers. Our monitoring centre will contact the primary care giver if the situation persists.

5 How do I know if the device is working?

The green light in the bottom right hand corner flashes.


Yes. We can supply the GeoSKeeper on special order without any buttons for use as a tracking device only.

7 Is the GeoSKeeper available with just an emergency HELP button?

Yes. We can supply the GeoSKeeper on special order without only an emergency HELP button.

8 Are there any client maintainable features on the product?

No. If the device were to be opened by a non- authorised person, the warranty would be invalidated in the event of a purchased device. A service charge would be incurred should the device be damaged and need repair under a lease agreement.

9 How long is the warranty period?

12 months from date of purchase is the standard warranty period.

10 Can I purchase a GeoSKeeper?

Yes. You can also lease a GeoSKeeper. The GeoSKeeper will only work in conjunction with the monitoring system.

11 Can I lease a GeoSKeeper?

Yes. You can also purchase a GeoSKeeper.

12 Can I use the GeoSKeeper to make outgoing phone calls?

The GeoSKeeper will only dial pre-defined Assistance and emergency Help phone numbers because it has no number keyboard like a conventional phone. The standard monitoring plan for the GeoSKeeper allows for voice communication aligned with its intended use. Use outside Assistance and emergency Help calls will incur additional costs to the Client. Additional costs may be significant if the GeoSKeeper is used for extended periods as a phone.

13 Can I use the GeoSKeeper to receive incoming phone calls?

The GeoSKeeper will receive incoming phone calls. The GeoSKeeper can be set to auto answer incoming calls and only those from numbers that have been designated as authorised.

14 Is a less expensive GeoSKeeper available?

Yes, but only to special order. We can supply a SKeeper. SKeeper is a smaller version of the GeoSKeeper without the GPS location function. The SKeeper is intended for use as an assistance or emergency help communication device only.

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