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Personal Health Management

Filling out a form, remembering medications, recalling symptoms, and outlining relevant family medical history is an out-dated way to begin an appointment with a health professional. Despite your best efforts you are unlikely to provide all the information that would aid an accurate diagnosis and health plan.
Now there is a better way, with secure, Internet-based, easy-to-use applications that enable you to manage and share your medical records, diagnosis, medical parameters, and medication adherence. We provide your information in an integrated format for your care-giver and health professional(s) to enable them to provide timely and accurate advice to optimise your health and well-being.

e-CliniQWe supply and monitor a range of medication management and medical parameter monitoring devices.

Via the Internet, nominated person(s) can be provided with secure access to key information for each client (eg carer, health professionals) as well as the ability to make immediate adjustments to your medication plan.

Lifetime Health DiaryLifetime Health DiaryTM (LHD) is an innovative application to help manage potential long-term medication risks for clients with chronic disease, complex co-morbidities, and multiple medications.

LHD uses information entered by the client as well as data held in Medication Management and Medical Parameter Monitoring databases.

It facilitates effective and secure communication between health professionals and patients for potentially better health outcomes and provides a communication framework facilitating continuous medicine reconciliation and cost savings.

Community Applications

Lifetime Health DiaryTM is a free of charge opt-in Internet-based application that enables consumers to record static information and periodic health data, and securely share the information which is owned by them. When used in conjunction with other services (e.g., medication management) and information is shared with health professionals, LHD can provide a collaborative care platform for the consumer and carers, enabling integrated health management.

Business Applications

A healthcare organisation may use the "Business" version of LHD to facilitate recording of static information and periodic health data of a client. The application provides a range of functions that facilitate collaborative disease therapy management. Co-production of data enables carers to be on the same page. A range of reports optimise business processes and reduce the time and cost of service provision to the client and stakeholders.