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Monitoring Services

We monitor 24 hours a day / 7 days a week a range of devices to provide piece of mind to the person being monitored and their care giver(s) as well as secure access to key information to nominated person(s) via the Internet.

Our Monitoring Centre is staffed by trained people and specialises in aged care, healthcare and disability care responses. Our systems comply with the voluntary standard AS/NZS 4607 and operate to the highest levels 24 hours of every day. Depending on the device in use, our Monitoring Centre will be able to advise authorised people of the location of clients, a history of events, medical parameters etc.

The assistive devices combined with our comprehensive systems, allow us to monitor and respond immediately to a number of events, such as:

  • Safety button pressed
  • If a client goes outside a safe area boundary (geofence ) and if they return.
  • When medication is not taken or when attempts are made to access incorrect medication.
  • Power failures where a battery back-up takes over
  • Low battery
  • No connection to the mobile network
  • Device switched on or off

Our responses include talking directly to the person who raised the alert, sending messages to carers and family members, as well as calling directly the nominated person primarily responsible for the client. Someone is always advised of the specific event. Emergency services are called if appropriate to the event.