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Medical Parameter Monitoring

Aerotel's CliniQ family of products is proof that distance doesn't make a difference for monitoring medical parameters. Medical parameter data is sent electronically to a monitoring centre where the Medical Patient Monitoring (MPM) system software automatically enters data into the client's records for timely and improved diagnosis and client management.

Flexibility and adaptation to client needs is the key to the success of the CliniQ product set. The system supports instant review of incoming values for a range of parameters including: blood pressure, weight, blood glucose, SPO2, ECG, respiratory peak flow values and other parameters.


Community Applications

Facility Applications

The Medi-CliniQ system is designed for the patient on the go, who can stop by a clinic, pharmacy, or a primary point-of-care of the client's health service. To activate his/her file, the patient either uses a smart card or provides an ID number/card to the nurse/technician on duty, who will take the required medical measurements and automatically transmit them to the monitoring centre.