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02.02.2011 21:50 Age: 9 yrs

Elemental Technologies and Lifetime Health Diary

Elemental Technologies and Lifetime Health DiaryTM Announce Strategic Partnership in Healthcare Sector Aimed at Improving Patient Safety and Quality of Life

This is a joint release from Elemental Technologies (ETL) and Lifetime Health DiaryTM (LHD).

Chronic illnesses, aging populations, patient safety and medication non-adherence are among the most critical and little addressed problems in healthcare that drive overall industry costs up and create barriers to population health and quality of life improvements. By combining innovative medication management and medical monitoring systems with state of the art patient-centric tools that enable medication risk assessment and health records to be integrated across multiple layers of healthcare providers, current problems can be addressed and eventually solved.

To address these issues, ETL and LHD have entered into a strategic partnership in the health-care sector to co- operate exclusively in Australia and the South Pacific Island markets to provide an integrated offering.